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Spirit of Rooibos


A premium triple distilled neutral spirit, 28% alcohol, natural Rooibos with the wonderful rich full-bodied flavour from the Rooibos plant.

Cape XO Buchu Brandy


Our Cape XO, twice distilled, 100%, in copper pot stills, produces the richest and finest full flavour brandy. Only the finest Colombard and Chenin Blanc grapes are used.

Kaapse Buchu Gin


This deliciously unique Kaapse Buchu Gin has won numerous awards including a Double Gold (2019) and Silver (2016) at the Michelangelo International  Wine and Spirits Awards. In addition it won silver at the Old Mutual Trophy Spirits Show.

Kaapse Buchu Limoncello


Kaapse Buchu Limoncello is made with South African lemon rind oils infused with buchu, often referred to as the “miracle herb” due to the medicinal properties of its oil. It won a Gold Medal at the 2016 International Wine and Spirits Awards!

Kaapse Honeybush


Kaapse Honeybush is a local liqueur with a unique flavour derived from the honeybush, and a 2016 Gold Medal winner at the International Michelangelo Wine and Spirits Awards.

Kaapse Limoncello


Kaapse Limoncello is made with our locally produced export quality lemons and triple distilled premium spirit. We deem this to be our flagship liqueur.

Kaapse Pittekou


Kaapse Pittekou is carefully hand-crafted using only pure, natural granadilla pulp, giving it a distinctive fresh tartness. Kaapse Pittekou won a Gold Medal at the 2016 International Michelangelo Wine and Spirits Awards!

Kaapse Strawberry


Kaapse Strawberry is a meticulously crafted traditional liqueur using only pure strawberry pulp from locally cultivated produce. Packed with healthy antioxidants!

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